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  • In a partnership between Zain telecommunication company and Bank of Khartoum the launch of (Hasa) se           Full Story >
  • "Because we love you ... because we care" Zain ... continues to support people with special needs            Full Story >
  • In the world of Zain..Feting Sudan mothers Friday at the Friendship Hall           Full Story >
  • Through a fantastic partnership with the National program Zain sponsors the World Day to Combat Tube           Full Story >
  • In a busy program at the Universities of Khartoum and Dongola Honoring Prof Syed Hamid Hariz, spons           Full Story >
  • Zain participates in a ceremony feting the former director of the National Telecommunications Corpor           Full Story >
  • "Zain Group" pavilion at Khartoum International Fair Innovation in design ... in the interest of s           Full Story >
  • Zain and Mugaddidun… a partnership creates smile           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain ... joyful evenings continues Sudanese military Marches concerts (Marchat) Event           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain Group and DAL Group British Council organized the National Heritage Festival and M           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain, UC MAS, Sudan team returns victorious 28 cups and the first and the second positi           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain – UC MAS Sudan team, to Malaysia The sixth participation for Sudan and the first i           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain and at the presence of Arab experts, Riadah Center holds a Regional Forum on Entre           Full Story >
  • At the launch of Ramadan competition for Zain workers Zain fetes Ustaz Ali Alrayah and Ali Alhassan           Full Story >
  • Wad Baday is back to his homeland and fans through Zain gate of beautiful world           Full Story >
  • Zain network development           Full Story >
  • Under Zain sponsorship , Sudanese Writers' Union organizes an evening on Arab poetry.            Full Story >
  • Zain Group, The Diamond Sponsor of the National Award for Productive Families           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain . Sudanese Engineering Association honors the engineers second generation.            Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain and on the occasion of World Telecommunication Day            Full Story >
  • For the third time , Zain: sponsors the annual charity event for Our Sudanese family Association for           Full Story >
  • Under Zain sponsorship , The Celebration of the Child help line World Day .            Full Story >
  • Supported and sponsored by Zain : The Opening of the National Council child library .            Full Story >
  • Zain participates in the World Telecommunication Day           Full Story >
  • Entertainment day for Zain personnel children           Full Story >
  • Inhonour of Homeland .. Eh, my homeland, the land of my beloved people… I do love you, whether I’m p           Full Story >
  • The farewell was given by The Minister of Communications .. Zain sends a convoy to support those aff           Full Story >
  • Sponsered by ( Zain) ... Nader Kheder ... all in memory of his love ) .!           Full Story >
  • Zain celebrates (Feraig) high school reconstruction – Northern State            Full Story >
  • Zain , today celebrates Arab deaf week           Full Story >
  • Fluctuations in the Sudanese pound caused drop in Zain’s profits            Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain .. A wonderful launch for a book by Dr. Salah Mohammed Ibrahim           Full Story >
  • At the launch of Ramadan competition for Zain workers, Zain fetes Ustaz Ali Alrayah and Ali Alhassa           Full Story >
  • Within the framework of the on monthly Poetry Day program sponsored by Zain, Sudanese Writers' Union           Full Story >
  • Zain reconfirms commitment to a pupil breakfast program, Three thousand pupils benefit daily from th           Full Story >
  • To fulfill the company's strategy in social responsibility, Laying the foundation for the Zain basic           Full Story >
  • Genius UC Math children to Malaysia            Full Story >
  • Zain-Sudan Customers’ services director: Is of the most distinctive 50 female chief executives in co           Full Story >
  • Zain Kuwaiti Group discloses its financial performance for the year 2013 looking optimistically a           Full Story >
  • For his success in development of Zain Company, comm. Magazine selects General Urwa among the best t           Full Story >
  • Zain initiative , Fête ideal mother , second round.           Full Story >
  • Zain initiative for graduates training and qualifying: 740 trainees wish to join Zain wonderful worl           Full Story >
  • Zain achievements Handbook for, the year 2012, a year of communication           Full Story >
  • The environment preservation campaign final programs, Zain fetes the pioneer environmentalist            Full Story >
  • When Zain offeres gratitude to people of giving .. Abdel Hai Mahgoub… an exceptional Major-General f           Full Story >
  • Zain cars have shown up again           Full Story >
  • Within Zain works campaign fr environment protection, Family Club hosts Professor Mohammed Abdullah            Full Story >
  • Zain in partnership with women initiative group, in sensitization to breast cancer           Full Story >
  • Zain and British studies institute… smart partnership between knowledge and the Wonderful World..!!!           Full Story >
  • The ,Mother .. is the family lamp stand and community pillar, Zain ... ideal mother season, renewe           Full Story >
  • In a campaign covering (75) Sudanese villages, Zain and the Ahfad University adopt the slogan (Hi, m           Full Story >
  • Zain empowers the decision to amend the tax on telecommunication companies for fairness           Full Story >
  • The major sponsor for the social responsibly Conference .. " Zain" reaffirms its commitment to the p           Full Story >
  • In partnership with Badir charitable organization, Zain distributes the orphan bag for poor families           Full Story >
  • More than 100 thousand beneficiaries: at a cost exceeding 2 million pounds, Zain continually offer s           Full Story >
  • Balabil sing at Nile Street .. Zain organizes a large festival to register customers’ information           Full Story >
  • In partnership with Khartoum minister of health, Zain stands by women health (key of peace and devel           Full Story >
  • Through its communal responsibility programs .. Zain donates three modern mobile clinics to develop            Full Story >
  • 50 thousand pounds equipments, from Zain to meet requirements of Omdurman hospital for emergency an           Full Story >
  • In more sophisticated style and innovated design, Zain in coordination with National service Berue            Full Story >
  • On the occasion of Prophet Mohammed Birthday, Zain Co. brings mercy home to the weak children           Full Story >
  • In the third annual conference of Zain Technology .. Zain invests 600 million dollars on information           Full Story >
  • Within its Ramadan communication programs, Zain supports war-affected people in the Blue Nile and so           Full Story >
  • For free operations of kidney transplantation, Zain sponsors Basma charitable organization            Full Story >
  • In collaboration with the National Forestry Authority, Zain sponsors the World Day to combat deserti           Full Story >
  • To motivate participants of London Olympics, Zain allocates valuable prizes for athletics champions           Full Story >
  • Zain supports Sheikh Balabeed Center for Kidney diseases in Kassala state           Full Story >
  • On the World Environment Day .. Zain celebrates with Ahlia University           Full Story >
  • In continuation to the three year Eid joy program, Zain celebrates the holy Adha Eid with aged peopl           Full Story >
  • Zain ... ideal mother season , renewed           Full Story >
  • Zain inhales Kordofan breeze .. Aid for south Kordofan hospitals and schools           Full Story >
  • Participating with more than 2,200 from 34 countries, Zain won five awards on its Annual 2012 Repo           Full Story >
  • Memorial of Al Abbasi Under Zain sponsorship in Sharja Hall           Full Story >
  • By feting Shaddad, Safari and Hamouda Bashir,With surprises in Zain sports competition is launching           Full Story >
  • Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of foundation, " Zain " launches a study on the economic a           Full Story >
  • Zain was there… Zenawi, eulogy…The duet, grief and tears           Full Story >
  • A statment from Zain           Full Story >
  • Clothes bank… credit of joy           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain, UC MAS, Sudan team returns victorious           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain – UC MAS Sudan team, to Malaysia           Full Story >
  • Talented UC Math children to Malaysia            Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain .. A seminar on Al-taib Saleh World Prize , Al-sharja hall           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain, Amusement and chatting evenings in Sudanese writers’ union House, in the holy Mon           Full Story >
  • With Zain benign sponsorship, Ambassador Mustafa Madani turns over pages of thirty years in diploma           Full Story >
  • Sponsored by Zain ...Sudan, on the memory of the first anniversary of the late Meles Zenawi           Full Story >
  • The wonderful World embraces greenness           Full Story >
  • Zain… varied and inclusive programs in Ramadan           Full Story >
  • Communication without boarders with the different layers of the community           Full Story >
  • Full preparations for the events of Tayeb Salih World award finals            Full Story >
  • Al Massaf Celebration            Full Story >
  • Intensive meetings for Tayeb Salih Award Committee            Full Story >
  • Comms MEA interviews the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Zain Sudan           Full Story >
  • The environment preservation campaign final programs .. Zain fetes the pioneer environmentalist            Full Story >
  • feting Shaddad, Safari and Hamouda Bashir,With surprises in Zain sports competition is launching           Full Story >
  • For his success in development of Zain Company, comm. Magazine selects General Urwa among the best t           Full Story >
  • Speed Up to 21 Mbps

    Zain introduces the fastest Internet speed connection in Sudan with speeds up to 21 Mbps.

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  • Zain Boardband

    The Sudanese Mobile Telephone Company(Zain) is the first Internet Service Provider in Sudan.

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  • Zain Boardband

    The Sudanese Mobile Telephone Company(Zain) is the first Internet Service Provider in Sudan.

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  • Roaming Services

    International Roaming is the capacity to allow you to use your cell phone with the same number ..

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  • One Network

    One Network is a borderless mobile phone network across Zain Group, which will enable customers to be part…

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  • Roaming On Air

    You can use your mobile while abroad on Airoplane Emirates Airlines.

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With partnership of the community it works in, Zain organizes all occasions and works. This is carried out through sponsoring and organizing cultural, sportive and medical fields and others.

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