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#PackageQuata Price / SDG (VAT Inc) Short Code
1Zain Class Daily25 MB1.31 *110*1#
2Zain Class Daily100 MB4.59  *110*2#
3Zain Class Weekly200 MB8.53 *110*3#
4Zain Class Weekly500 MB20.34 *110*4#
5Zain Class Monthly1.5 GB59.72 *110*5#
6Zain Class Monthly5 GB183.75 *110*6#
7Zain Class Monthly10 GB 262.5 *110*7#
8Zain eeZee Daily25 MB1.31 *230*1#
9Zain eeZee Daily100 MB4.59 *230*2#
10Zain eeZee Weekly200 MB8.53 *230*3#
11Zain eeZee Weekly500 MB20.34 *230*4#
12Zain eeZee Monthly1.5 GB59.72  *230*5#
13Zain eeZee Monthly5 GB183.75  *230*6#
14Zain eeZee Monthly10 GB262.5 *230*7#
15Zain Shabab Daily40 MB1.97*220*1#
16Zain Shabab Daily100 MB4.59*220*2#
17Zain Shabab Daily250 MB10.5*220*31#
18 Zain Shabab Weekly300 MB12.47*220*4#
19 Zain Shabab Weekly500 MB 20.34*220*5#
20 Zain Shabab Weekly1 GB40.03*220*6#
21 Zain Shabab Monthly2 GB77.44*220*7#
22 Zain Shabab Monthly5 GB183.75 *220*8#
23 Zain Shabab Monthly10 GB262.5*220*9#
Zain Class 4G16 GB


25 Zain eeZee 4G16 GB525*230*8#
26 Zain Shabab 4G16 GB 525*220*10#
27 Zain Stylee 4G16 GB525*505*5#
28 Zain Stylee 4G (Extra Packege)1 GB55.125*505*33#
29Canclation Zain Stylee 4G - Canclation______*505*10#

Caller ID:

Caller ID service enables the pre-screening of calls. With Caller ID you can transfer your number to the party you are calling and every time you call your number will appear on their screen. If you have been added to their contact list, your name will also be visible. This is very useful for identifying yourself to both friends and co-workers.

Call Conference:

With Zain's convenient conference call service, the world is your office. This service enables you to conduct a virtual meeting via your mobile with up to 100 people at the same time. Conference calling is especially useful for business people who wish to conduct meetings while on the move. With conference calling, you are charged only for the calls initiated, and you may take a private call while your conference call is in session. The service is very flexible, and international, domestic, mobile and fixed-line calls are all permitted. Best of all, conference calling is both affordable and easy. 
The service charge is free, and calling is charged as normal. To begin a conference call, follow these simple steps:

  1. Call the first person in your conference group.
  2. When the first person answers, place him on hold and call the second person.
  3. When the second person answers, choose “Options" from the handset menu; then choose “Conference" to join all calls together. 
  4. A third person can be contacted in the same manner.
  5. Once all calls have been joined, a conference call is established 

Additional people may be added by following the same steps. The initiator of the call is responsible for adding and canceling calls within the conference and is charged only upon initiating.

Call Waiting:

Don't miss any of your calls, With call waiting/hold you will be able to receive calls even if your line is busy.​

Call Divert:

When you're busy, out of reach or your phone is out of order, you may forward calls to any number with Zain's Call Divert service. You may temporarily transfer calls to another mobile, a fixed line or a voice mail number – the choice is yours. This convenient service gives you more flexibility than ever before.​

Who called

With Zain you will not miss any call; get back to those who called you when either your phone is switched off or can't be reached. For the first time in Sudan receive an SMS notification of who called you while you were unavailable for FREE. With Zain you will not miss any call; get back to those who called you when either your phone is switched off or can't be reached. 
To activate this FREE service: dial *111*1# 
To de-activate: dial *111*0# 

This service is available for all prepaid and postpaid customers. Activating Zain's “Who called" FREE service, automatically turns on “active divert" on your number.


Through Kallimni you* can request three (3) callback requests a day free of charge if your credit limit is below minimum credit mentioned below! Kallimni service on your behalf will send a callback request to the number from which you wish to get a callback. Prepaid Package Minimum Credit (Limit in SDG) Mobipaid 0.0575 eeZee 0.092

Prepaid PackageMinimum Credit (Limit in SDG)

How to use Kallimni:
Customer can initiate a Kallimni request by dialing request in following manner:
*121*Zain Mobile Number#


* All Zain Prepaid customers including Zain Mobipaid and Zain eeZee

SMS Service:

For sending and receiving short messages, a text message is ideal. When you're at dinner or in an important meeting, SMS messaging can be especially useful – it's easy, fast and silent. Text messages can also be much more affordable than voice calls.
Your phone is most likely currently set up to use SMS.
To start sending and receiving messages, check the Message Centre Number on your phone.
For manual set up instructions, scroll to the bottom of this section.
The cost is only 0.06 SDGG for a local SMS message, and 0.25 SDGG for sending internationally. Each message may contain up to 160 English characters or 70 characters in Arabic.

To send a text message:

All mobile phones work slightly differently. Consult your mobile phone's manual for how to open the text messages menu on your phone. 
When you open the text messages menu: 
Type your message 
Select “SEND" 

Enter the mobile phone number of the person to whom you are sending the message. Select “SEND"

How to receive text messages: 
Set up your phone for SMS:

Select “MESSAGES" 
Then, enter the service centre number: +249912020000
When a text message arrives, your phone will alert you - usually with a sound and an envelope icon on your mobile display or the words “Text Message." 
Use the text messages menu on your phone to read and save your message. 
You should occasionally delete old messages or your phone's memory will fill up, and you won't be able to Receive messages.

PostpaidZain MobipaidZain eeZeePostpaid


Share the special moments with your beloved ones Take the shot, send & receive MMS with the most affordable prices in Sudan with Zain. 
This offer is available for both Zain Prepaid and Zain Postpaid customers 

• Your handset should support MMS
• Settings will be sent automatically by the network or send free SMS to 123 with the word MMS & the settings will be automatically sent to your handset. 

Voice SMS

PostpaidZain MobipaidZain eeZee
0-250 KB14 piaster14 piaster10 piaster

Make your VOICE heard! Stay connected with our new “Voice SMS" service by sending a voice SMS to all your beloved. Make your world easier & wonderful with Zain. With “Voice SMS" service, you will be connected with all your beloved by a recorded voice message. This new service allows you to express yourself with your own voice rather than text only.

Benefits of the service:

  • Compatible with old and new handsets. 
  • Easy to use (does not require settings). 
  • No monthly or activation fees. 
  • Voice message is 30 seconds long. 
  • Recipient will be notified through an SMS.
  • Available to all Zain customers.


ONLY press* and the recipient mobile number. 
For example: *091XXXXXXX and then record your message.


  • To listen to the message dial *0* 
  • To relisten to the message dial *1* 
  • To repeat listening to the message press 1 
  • To save the message press 2 
  • To delete the message press 3


All prices are VAT excluded.
Table below shows tariffs for the service per package

Call Status/ PackageMobipaideeZeeBusiness
Call Deposit (SDG)
First Retrieval (SDG)0.000.00
Second Retrieval(SD​G)

Zain Daleelee Service…

Now you do not need to worry about finding your way to a university, restaurant, school or even an ATM. Zain Daleelee Service will guide you to your desired place by receiving SMS with address. 

  • To subscribe: SMS the word "YP" to "2200".
  • To request locations: SMS the keyword of the desired location to “2222".Example: SMS the word “ATM" to “2222". And you will be notified of the nearest ATM locations.
  • Monthly Fee: 2 SDG.
  • Tariff for sending SMS is 0.15 SDG/SMS in addition to the normal SMS tariff for each package.
  • To search for a keyword: send “Help" to 2222 and you will be notified with the categories.
  • To unsubscribe: SMS the word "UNYP" to "2200".
  • You can also subscribe into the service by dialing *888#.
  • Service is available within the State of Khartoum only.
  • The above tariffs are excluding tax and governmental fees.
  • Service supports Arabic & English languages.

subscription2200YP2 SDG + 0.15+ SMS normal
Location commands sent Refer to service commands list below2222For example ATMNormal SMS tariff + 0.15P
Receiving SMS from Al DALEELNANAFree of charge
unsubscribe2200UnypNormal SMS tariff

How to Subscribe:

  • C​ustomers should send an SMS with the word YP to 2200.
  • A notification from AMAKEN will be received confirming the subscription, along with a URL of the Yellow Pages and how to unsubscribe. 
  • To request a certain location send to 2222. i.e. ATM to 2222. a notification from DALEEL will be received along with the list of the nearest ATMs and its locations. 
  • To unsubscribe send UNYP to 2200.

Yellow Page Portal:

  • To subscribe to Yellow pages customers should send an SMS to 2200 with YP.
  • A notification from AMAKEN will be received confirming the subscription, along with a URL http://yp.lbs.zain.sd and how to unsubscribe.
Customer will need to access the portal ONLY with Zain SIM card that he/she subscribed from otherwise he/she will be asked to subscribe as it's a new SIM card. So customers will be allowed to access the portal only with the MSISDN that he/she subscribed with.


  • Customers can Subscribe to Yellow Page by Dialing *888#.
  • Zain Daleel Content menu will be displayed automatically upon accessing *888#.
  • Customers will choose from the drop menu the number of the location they would like to know. i.e. 1 is police station.
  • Then customer will press dial and will get the notification with the nearest police station to him/her.

Additional Information:

EnglishArabicShort CodeFunction
ATMصراف الي2222All near restaurants with detailed contacts (Phone only if available)
Hospitalمستشفى2222All near hospitals plus contacts(Phone)
Petrol / Gasoline Stationمحطة وقود2222All near ATM's plus Banks
Pharmacyصيدلية2222All near Pharmacies
Police Stationبسط امن شامل2222All near Petrol/Gas stations
Restaurantمطعم2222All near Café's
and Moreمساعده2222Help
Airlinesخطوط طيران2222all near airlines
Airportمطار2222all near airports
Bankبنك2222all near bank
Book Storeمكتبة2222all near book stores
Churchكنيسة2222all near churches
Cinemaسينما2222all near cinemas
Coffee Shopمقهى2222all near coffee shops
Furniture\House Holdوادوات اثاثات منزلية2222all near Furniture\House Hold
Hotelفندق2222all near hotels
Internet Cafeمقهى انترنت2222all near internet cafes
Medical Servicesخدمات طبية2222all near medical services
Mosqueمسجد2222all near mosques
Museumمتحف2222all near museums
Rental Car Agenciesوكالة تاجير سيارات2222all near rental car agencies
Schoolمدرسة2222all near schools
Security Pointبسط امن شامل2222all near security points
Stationeryادوات مكتبية2222all near stationeries
Supermarketسوبر ماركت2222all near supermarkets
Travel And Tourism Agencyوكالة سفر وسياحة2222all near travel and tourism agency

FAQ Section:

1. How much is the monthly fees?
SDG VAT excluded. 
2. Does the service support English only?
No, it support Arabic as well.
3. Service available for specific package?
No, service is for both prepaid and postpaid. 
4. Will I get an extra benefit being a postpaid customer?
Prepaid and Postpaid customers will both have the same benefits
5. Will customers be notified when their renewal date is due?
Yes, two days before with an SMS.​

​*888# Your Wonderful Gate to Zain World!

Now, besides checking your balance through *888#, you can also explore various Zain services and new offers such as Ahma Nas (family & friends) & Broadband on mobile services in addition to SMS & MMS services like Breaking News, Islameyat, social and cultural SMS services, sports news, l7inna… and more.

This service is available for all customers (postpaid and prepaid).​

​  Coming Soon !!!​